Darling Fresh Smoke Haus


Delicious all-natural smoked meats and plants, ready to reheat and eat in <10min!!

Smoking meats and vegetables isn’t easy. Not everyone has the time, the gear, or the expertise. And not every pit-master always gets the best results.

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus brings easy, convenient, honest and delicious smoked foods to your meal, it’s your Ace up the sleeve!

Our products are for everyone who loves the flavours of honestly prepared foods, made quick and easy to deliver a remarkable result.

Great for the time-poor meal preparer that needs a good quick win, or is looking for that extra pop to the meal that makes people say ‘Wow!’

Flexitarians, Vegetarians and Vegans will love our delicious plant-based products.



Darling Fresh Smoke Haus uses all natural ingredients and flavours.
We don’t need additives to make things work or taste great

Australian Owned and Produced

18 Freighter Avenue

Wilsonton QLD 4350
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