Country Goodness...Naturally!

Homestyle Bake is a 100% Queensland family owned and operated local Toowoomba bakery. It is a place where you will find wonderful people giving many dedicated years, proudly making great bakery foods for all to enjoy.

Since 1989, we have strived to provide fresh and high quality baked goods using the finest local ingredients wherever possible. We specialise in wholesale bakery products and are passionate about supporting healthy and nutritious food choices by way of our association with leading health organisations and product development.

Homestyle Bakeries proudly produce a wide range of baked foods including bread, speciality bread, flat breads, bread rolls, pastries, cakes, slices and donuts with a distribution network throughout Queensland. With a focus on fundraising, we provide local businesses, schools and causes with tasty treats and great customer service: we aim to maximise profit for their carnival, event, show or special day.

101 Warwick Street

Harristown QLD 4350
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