Get ready for a taste bud explosion!

Enjoying the  taste of superbly smoked foods is easy now.

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus brings you fantastic wholesome and natural smoked product minus all the artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, nitrates,  thickeners, gums, or acidity regulators that can be found in other commercially produced smoked foods. 

Many people have tried “backyard’ smoking at some stage. Mostly failing, sometimes succeeding but rarely getting the same result every time. You’ll be happy to know all that is behind you now. Jeff and Karen Schultheiss are passionate smokers! The moment a friend brought over a plate of home smoked products Jeff’s life changed forever. It became his mission to bring that delicious smoked goodness to as many people as possible.

Smokehaus Toowoomba Smoked food

Man on a mission…

Born in Switzerland and raised in Sydney, Jeff grew up with an ingrained love of food.  Weekends and school holidays were spent helping his Dad in the family food company.  After completing a Food Tech degree in 2000, working for Darrell Lea chocolates, Arnotts Biscuits and a time back in the family business Jeff eventually moved to Toowoomba in 2011. Darling Fresh Smoke Haus finally launched in 2021 after a crazy amount of R&D and testing. 

A unique combination of processes see the locally sourced produce injected with preservative free apple-juice and covered with in-house prepared rubs/spices/sauces, before wood-smoking. The products are then sliced/pulled/sauced and vacuum packed for a food-safety sous-vide stage before cooling and packing. Innovative and delicious plant based products have also been developed so flexitarians, vegetarians & vegans can enjoy some serious smoked options!

Exceptionally easy delightfully delicious

Smokehaus Toowoomba - Smoked Pork Belly Bits

Smoked with real wood smoke, and reliably delivering consistent, honest and convenient products ready to serve in minutes, smokehaus smoked goodies will open up a whole new taste sensation for smoked food aficionados and those new to this wonderful taste experience.

Smokehaus Toowoomba Smoked Product

It couldn’t be easier to get your hands on some Smokehaus delicacies . Click here to visit their website, or here to find a stockist near you.

Smokehaus Toowoomba Smoked Pulled Pork Roll