Enhance your favourite dish with garlic, herbs and spices

Locally grown, chemical free products on your doorstep

Rod and Joan Kambouris grow fresh herbs and garlic on their little farm in Budgee Queensland. Budgee is a rural district in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range about 30 minutes south of Toowoomba. Their farm is surrounded by rich, fertile, black soil farmlands and they proudly grow all of their crops free of pesticides and chemicals.

Rod and Joan Kambouris from Budgee Garlic and Herbs

Rod and Joan are focused on providing quality garlic, herbs and spices that will enhance your favourite dish and add amazing flavour and goodness to every meal. Budgee Garlic and herbs is a small family run business, with many hours spent in the fields growing, tending and harvesting their crops.

Soon after harvesting the garlic and herbs are then carefully dried and packaged to ensure they are vibrant and full of flavour when they arrive at your door. They also sell a delicious range of homemade seasonings, rubs, sauces, relishes and jams.



To order these delicious, locally grown and chemical free products go to www.budgeegarlicandherbs.com.au