Delicious 3 ingredient Glazed Ham

Make your Christmas just that little bit special with this super easy and delicious glazed ham.


glazed Christmas ham graphic with text: 3 3 ingredient easy Glazed ham for Christmas

3 Ingredient Glazed Ham for Christmas


 STEP 1:

Remove skin from ham.  It’s best to cut a score at one end and then peel back the skin,   be careful to leave the fat layer on the meat as this adds flavour and locks in the moisture while baking


Score the ham with a knife, I like to criss-cross it, so it looks a bit fancy when cooked.  Then combine in a saucepan:

  1. One large jar of Apricot Jam – 400g
  2. One cup of quality soy sauce
  3. Two heaped teaspoons of garlic

Stir on medium heat until all combined


Pour half of the mixture over the ham, add a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and place in the oven on about 180 degrees.  Use the rest of the mixture to baste, pouring a little on the ham (with a few more sesame seeds) about every 20 minutes or so until the ham is warmed through, and the glaze is golden brown.  Usually about an hour for half a ham, but for a whole leg definitely an hour and a half

Once cooked, slice and serve or use the baked ham as an impressive centrepiece and carve at the table for your guests to enjoy!