Join us, We’re Tasting the Flowers

Join us, We’re Tasting the Flowers


A guide to Gin Tasting in Toowoomba


Just as the monk Dom Perignon tasted the stars in his champagne, we in Toowoomba like to taste the flowers in our gin. And what a floral feast it is this year! Hopscotch Distillery’s celebration of spring is sure to be the catalyst of many fabulous “gin-cidents!”


Ginspired Jasmine

The smell of jasmine says “spring” in any language which is why Hopscotch Distillery has released its first Ginspired Jasmine. With its lighter sweetness and delicate aroma, Matt and the team purposefully selected Jasmine buds for fragrance and mouthfeel, as well as sweet orange and lemon peel for subtle summer citrus tang and an array of root botanicals to anchor the experience with requisite natural gin earthiness

One sip of this sublime nectar will transport you to a jasmine arbour somewhere in a springtime wonderland. Love that!  The freshness of this gin when paired with crisp cucumber and rose petals will be also be your new favourite summer refreshment.  

The Mixers:

You want the floral complexity of this gin to shine through so don’t pair it with overpowering tonics and mixers. Here’s a few suggestions:


We love Pacific Tonic from Long Rays, Mediterranean Tonic from Fever Tree, and Distillers Tonic (or Number 8 if you cant get Distiller’s) from Strangelove. But – If you feel a bit of jungle gin fever coming on it’s actually hard to go wrong with Schweppes Indian Tonic. The added sweetness of Schweppes Indian actually pairs well.

Not tonic:

Why not try a freshly made lemonade? Fruit juices such as orange, grapefruit or cranberry can be too potent for this subtle summer suitor, but mixing cordials and flavoured syrups with soda water can allow you the flexibility to choose a perfect pairing. You’ll find locally made Elderflower cordial from time-to-time at the Toowoomba Farmers Markets. And then there is Davidson’s plum soda from Oz Natives.

Step back to the 1920s and have a flap about with a Gin Rickey in hand – mix gin with soda and a squeeze of lime garnished with fresh cucumber. How very chic!

Boozy mixers:

Oh, so you want to taste stars and flowers? Then why not add champagne or prosecco with a squeeze of lemon citrus for a boozy, bubbly spring fling. We also recommend Rosalie House’s Sparkling Pink Moscato.

Honey and gin pair quite nicely. Following that thought, maybe check out our local Valknut Meadery’s Honey and Lime ? This surely promises to be an interesting pairing.

Is Vermouth a mixer? Well, kind of, James Bond liked the honey tones in Lillet Blanc with his gin and vodka Vesper. You can create your own version with a splash of fruity 2022 Reserve Chardonnay from Rosalie House.

The Garnish:

We all know that citrus is the traditional garnish for gin, but we say release the spring fever and go wild! Try strawberries, peaches, raspberries. Then decorate with a stick of cucumber, rhubarb, basil or lavender.


Gin is the basis of the world’s most fabulous cocktails and you will find most Toowoomba bars serve Hopscotch products in their cocktail menus. If you’re out and about looking for a “gin-cident”, stop by a local bar and taste the flowers with us.


WHERE TO BUY: Check Hopscotch on Facebook and you’ll find out where their fabulous products are available.